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Database / "Only Time Will Tell"

Only Time Will Tell CD by Mail Price: $14.95

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Song Titles

bullet Nations bullet
bullet Change Of Time bullet
bullet Friends Could Be Enemies bullet
bullet Unfadeable bullet
bullet Homicidal Thoughts bullet
bullet What You Gotta Do bullet
bullet Verbalicantation bullet
bullet Temptations bullet
bullet Holocaust bullet
bullet Mr. Bigstuff bullet
bullet I Want To Get Blowed bullet
bullet Only Time Will Tell bullet
bullet Buy Album bullet

*Note: Sample average size is 250kb.

Information about CD

The song, "Change of Time," is a real urban story by rapper Sebestian Murphy.

Rap brothers Sebestian and James Smith's collaboration is entitled “Friends Could Be Enemies."  It is about deception.
Sebestian's rap, "What You Gotta Do,” arouses critical thinking about drugs and voilence.

“Temptation” is definitive for mature people.

“Holocaust” leaves us weeping for our children.

Jessie Cunningham, Dearnard Taylor and James Smith's song, “Homicidal Thoughts,” arouses the consciousness of the young people about life in the hood.


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