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Rick Lieder & The Regulators / "Don't Give Up On Me"

Is This Where You Want To Be?

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Song Titles

bullet Love Is Strange bullet
bullet Cheat and Get Away bullet
bullet Dont Give Up On Me bullet
bullet I Got a Woman bullet
bullet Play My Guitar bullet
bullet Love Is bullet
bullet Sharing Your Love bullet
bullet Moving Like The Sunrise bullet
bullet Hoping bullet
bullet Its My Destiny bullet
bullet Whispering I Love You bullet
bullet Opening Up Your Mind bullet
bullet Buy Album bullet

*Note: Sample average size is 250kb.

Information about CD

Rick Lieder is an amazing, versatile country singer from southeastern Michigan. Lieder's dynamic delivery of this totally unique collection of upbeat country songs will undoubtedly raise the bar on your musical enjoyment barometer.

The versatility displayed in this album begins with the first song entitled, "Love is Strange." It will surely get your feet tappin', especially when Jeremy Kittel plays his fiddle solo.

The amazing title song, "Don't Give Up On Me," will talk to you at gut level. We guarantee the melody will stay with you long after your ears have heard its message. This one will definitely take you back to the heyday of the Grand Ole Opry, yet with an updated sound, bringing you into the 21st century.

The words and music to "Play My Guitar" are hypnotic. This song takes over your spirit, and off you go on a ride that you'll be singing about all day long.

In fact, all of the songs on this significant album are very real and honest outpourings about life, love, hope, and pains experienced by most of us at one time or another. And Rick Lieder pours his soul into each and every one of the compositions.


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